Product Description

Active (Active) Substance:  %64 Mancozeb + %8 Metalaxyl


When preparing the mixture, the tank of the application tool is half filled with water. Then, the recommended amount of plant protection product is mixed with some water in another container and slurried, and mixed well and poured slowly into the tank of the instrument and the required amount of water is added to the instrument's tank. The mixing apparatus of the application tool is operated so that the mixture is thoroughly mixed. Calibration is performed to calculate the amount of water to be used in the decanter. For this purpose, a certain amount of water is placed in the tank of the appliance and it is operated at a constant speed under field conditions and the amount of area can be wetted with the available water. From here, the calibrated tool calculates how much water will be spent on a decare. Then the application is started


  • Toxic to bees and fish.
  • Do not contaminate the water used for irrigation or internal work by dragging out of drains or stagnant water areas, drainage systems with plant protection product wastes or out of the target.
  • Keep all pets away from the area of ​​application.
  • Do not contaminate food and feed with plant protection product.
  • Keep the product away from the sun and humidity, in a closed original package at an airy place, away from food and feed.
  • When used in accordance with the recommendations do not carry the risk of phytotoxicity.
  • Dispose of empty containers properly. Do not use with any other purpose.


Wash hands and face before eating, drinking and smoking. After the work is done, change your clothes and wash your whole body. Wash work clothes before re-use. If any discomfort is felt, immediately stop the work and call a doctor.


In its original packaging, sealed in a cool and dry place under normal storage conditions, physical, chemical and biological properties do not change beyond the limits of tolerance for 2 years. Do not store below -5 ° C and above + 35 ° C.