Product Features

  • Water-saluble zinc: %15 w/w

Product Description

  • Used for symptoms treatment that occur due to deficiency of zinc.
  • Also it is a kind of liquid fertilizer that provide many enzym systems to work .
  • Has mixture facility and high intake features.
  • When applied ,It penetrates rapidly and it works immediately.
  • It stimulates great blooming and intense pollen formation.
  • Citrus fruits, peach, pear, apple, olive, cherry, quince, vineyard, paddy rice, grains (wheat, barley, oat…) maize, sunflower, soybean, cotton, potato, sugar beet, colza, green pea, carrot, onion, bean, pepper, cucumber, tomato are the most sensitive crops to zinc deficiency.

Recommended Practice Doses
From Leaves: 100-200 ml./100 lt. water
From Soil: 500 ml./decar