Product Features

  • Free amino acid: %20 w/w
  • Organic carbon (C): %12 w/w
  • Total protein: %26 w/w
  • Organic nitrogen (N): %5 w/w
  • Organic matter: %30 w/w
  • Water soluble Potassium(K20): %6 w/w

Product Description

Aspartik Asit, Lisin, Treonin, Arjinin, Lösin, Serin, Metiyonin, Glutamik Asit, İzolosin, Glisin, Alanin, Tyrosine, Valin, Fenilalanin, Histidin

  • It consist of all required amino acids of plant
  • It keeps the plant away from stress (frost, extreme heat, rime, damp, wind)
  • It increases the activity of photosynthesis in plant and chlorophyll
  • It stimulates vegetative development, blooming , fruit set and yield in plant
  • It prevents considerably defloration of bloom and fruit
  • MR.® SORTIE FOLIAR increase the quality of crops, yield, colour and shelf life

Recommended Practice Doses
From leaves: 200-250 ml./100 lt. water
From Soil: 1 lt./decar